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What if my gear is damaged by a renter?
What if my gear is damaged by a renter?

Security deposits ensure your gear is safe.

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GeerGarage charges renters a deposit per item. If there is damage or something else that mandates funds to be withdrawn from the deposit, begin our dispute process by clicking the "Dispute" button in your rental page instead of "Complete" once the items are returned to you. From there, someone from GeerGarage will contact you to discuss your request for funds from the deposit and will act as a mediator between you and the renter.

If your gear is lost or damaged beyond repair the renter will be charged the market rate for the item using their credit card on file. For more info on our dispute and fee process, please see our Terms of Service.

Lenders are also able to review renters on the platform. This ensures that renters are accountable for taking good care of the gear while it is in their possession. Make sure to complete a review at the end of your rentals as this is vital to maintaining a great community on GeerGarage!

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