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What is GeerGarage?
Is there a fee to use GeerGarage?
Is there a fee to use GeerGarage?

Learn how and when GeerGarage charges fees.

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Free to request a rental

We require renters to put a card down on file to create a rental request. This card is not charged, however, until we successfully complete the matching process.

Payment due when matched

The matching process completes and a rental order is successfully fulfilled when GeerGarage receives confirmation that one or more lenders we've contacted have the gear requested and are available to do pickup or delivery.

At this point, we notify the renter of the successful match and the rental fee / service fees are charged to the card on file. Once matched, renters also can see both the lender and their specific items.

Rental fees

Once renters are matched, GeerGarage charges two different fees.

  1. Rental Fee: The rental fee is the cost of renting the requested gear. This fee varies depending on the specific equipment being rented and the rental period. Our rental fees are competitive and affordable, and we offer a wide range of gear options to choose from.

  2. Service Fee: GeerGarage's service fee is the cost of contacting and facilitating the match for the rental. Our team works hard to ensure that our customers have a seamless rental experience, and this fee covers the cost of our services. Renters currently pay a 20% fee. This fee is shown during checkout before the renter requests the rental, so they know what to expect.


We charge lenders a fee in exchange for facilitating the rental. Currently we charge lenders a 40% fee. For example, a lender will earn $60 from a $100 gear rental. This fee is shown to lenders throughout their rental experience.

If you have any additional questions about our payment policy or rental process, please do not hesitate to contact us.

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