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Managing GeerGarage rental notifications
Managing GeerGarage rental notifications

Learn how to stay informed about your rentals.

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GeerGarage offers a variety of notification settings to help you stay informed about the rentals you participate in. In this article, we'll walk you through how to manage your rental notifications and highlight the different notification settings available to you.

Managing Your Rental Notifications

To manage your GeerGarage notifications, go to the Account > Notifications page on our website. Here, you can view and adjust your notification settings.

Types of Notification Settings

Rental Updates

Rental updates are notifications sent to you when there are updates to one of your rentals. This includes rental confirmations, rental cancellations, and start/end date reminders. If you want to stay informed about your rentals, enable rental updates.

New Messages

New messages are notifications sent every time you receive a message on GeerGarage. If you don't want to miss any important messages from renters or lenders, enable new messages.

Invitations to Lend Gear

Invitations to lend gear are notifications sent when someone has created a rental request for items you have listed for rent. If you want to stay on top of rental requests and have the opportunity to earn money, enable invitations to lend gear.


Enabling the right notification settings is crucial to managing your rentals effectively on GeerGarage. By staying informed about rental updates, new messages, and invitations to lend gear, you can ensure a smooth and successful rental experience. If you have any questions about managing your GeerGarage notifications, please contact our customer support team.

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