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What is GeerGarage?
Lending outdoor gear on GeerGarage
Lending outdoor gear on GeerGarage

An overview of how gear lending works.

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List your gear for rent

Select the gear you wish to list from our current supported inventory. Make sure that the gear you choose to list aligns with the types of gear described on our website listings. Your gear must be high quality, clean and in good working condition. It should be gear that you would not hesitate to use yourself.

Configure a Stripe account so we can pay you.

We use Stripe payment processing to deposit rental revenues directly into your bank account. Stripe is used by some of the biggest companies today including Lyft, Target, PostMates, Shopify and Squarespace to name a few. To learn more about Stripe, visit their website.

Note: You configure your account with Stripe directly through the GeerGarage website.

Check your email and claim rentals!

When a renter places a request to rent gear, all lenders nearby who have the requested gear will receive an email invite to claim the rental. The first gear lender to claim the rental will get it.

Meet the renter for pickup.

Decide on a pickup location / time and meet the renter to do the gear exchange.

Get your gear back and earn cash.

Once your rental is complete, we deposit your earnings directly into your bank account. Let your gear make you money instead of sitting and collecting dust!

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