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What is GeerGarage?
Renting outdoor gear on GeerGarage
Renting outdoor gear on GeerGarage

An overview of how rentals work.

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Renting gear on GeerGarage is quick and seamless. Here is an an overview of our rental process.

Pick the gear you need and create a rental request.

Gear shown on our site represents the types of gear that are available for rent near you. We use the gear in your request to find locals who have everything you need. It is free to create a rental request and you don't even need an account! You will only be charged for the rental once we successfully match you up with a gear lender.

Get matched up with a local outdoor enthusiast.

Local outdoor junkies who have all of your requested gear will be notified of your request and can claim your rental. Once claimed, you will be notified and charged the rental fee indicated at checkout time. Your refundable rental deposit will be charged 1 day before your rental begins.

Choose a meeting place / time. Get advice and tips.

Once you are matched up, chat with the gear lender using our messaging platform to determine a meeting location. We provide a suggested area to make things easy. Want to know the best local spots to go paddleboarding as well? Now is the time to ask.

Pick up your gear.

At pickup time, perform a quick inspection and note any pre-existing wear and tear on the gear.

Adventure sustainably.

Head outside knowing that you are reducing your carbon footprint through equipment reuse. Enjoy the outdoors and spread the word about your adventures! #outdoorsinreach

Return the gear.

Bring the gear back to the lender at the agreed upon location and time. Once it is returned, the lender will perform a quick inspection and then complete the rental. After completion, you will get your security deposit back.

Our community thanks you for renting instead of purchasing new!

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